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Lots of Brow Drama

May 25, 2016
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Okay, disclaimer right from the beginning: I know my eyebrows are a hot mess. But, I felt like they were getting thin and patchy, and I recently fell in love with the Glossier look of thick full brows. So, I grew them out to see my natural shape, but haven’t gotten around to taking out the excess hairs yet. So yes, they are messy. But, that’s life. In light of the Glossier trend, I wanted to get a brow mascara as a…

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My Minimal Room

May 17, 2016
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Previously on my Instagram I asked what were some things you all would like to see from me, and although I didn’t receive too much feedback, I was so happy to see that someone did request more about my minimal lifestyle. Now, my lifestyle is definitely in the works. I want to empty out my closet and continue getting rid of things I don’t need, but in fact, minimalism isn’t always about living on the bare minimum. To me, it’s…

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It's All Just Business Passions

Business As Usual

May 13, 2016
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Almost a month ago I had the Grand Opening Celebration for The Modern Design. I’ll admit, I’ve felt completely overwhelmed and scrambled the whole time since I have started this company, but for the first time, I am adjusting to my new lifestyle as a business owner and the responsibilities that come with it. I didn’t even want to write about my experience at the Grand Opening Celebration because it just didn’t feel right. But now that things have leveled out I…

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Product Reviews

A Gentle Way to Remove Makeup with Garnier Micellar Water

May 11, 2016
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I remember when I was quite young many Youtube gurus from the UK raved about the Garnier Micellar Water and so when I found it on the shelves at my neighborhood Walmart I had to grab it. Honestly, I thought it was just an amazing toner! I had no idea that it removes makeup. Usually I just use my cleanser to *attempt* to remove all traces of my makeup, but I had no idea how much I was leaving behind until…

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Tutorials Youtube

Instagram Glam Makeup Look

April 6, 2016
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This past few months I have been feeling extremely confident with my makeup abilities. It’s like suddenly everything made sense and I could finally do it the way I’ve always dreamed. I have wanted to put up a makeup (semi) tutorial up about it for a while, and last weekend I finally made the plunge! The reason why I don’t call it a tutorial is because I don’t go in-depth with what I am doing, but in the future, I…

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Weekly Tumblr Favs


April 1, 2016
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So yes, I stole this idea from Marianna Hewitt, but I know she won’t mind. I recently got hella back into my Tumblr (throwback to freshman year in high school) and I honestly can’t believe why I ever left. I reblog whatever I like/inspires me, and I thought I would just start including more of my life/utilizing my blog more than I do. Enjoy the posts and if you dig my feed, definitely follow!…

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In The City

Phantom of My Opera

March 8, 2016
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Last weekend my mother took my boyfriend and I out to the opera to see Manon. I was so excited to have another opportunity to dress up and feel beautiful in a wonderful dress, especially considering how hectic my life has been. The whole day was filled with so much laughter, particularly because the majority of the people we met were extremely quirky (to say the least) and had particular attitudes, but we made the most of each situation. Manon was such…

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In The City

Brunch & Build + Beautiful Women

February 23, 2016
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Last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to attend Brunch & Build, a blogger team building meet up that focuses on bringing together Dallas bloggers to collaborate, network, and most importantly (in my opinion) become actual friends created by Julian Raddo (@JulianRaddo). It’s so important as bloggers (and #WomenInBusiness) to always work together and to rely on each other and like I’ve always said, you can learn so much more when you have open and honest conversations with people. After Brunch &…

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In The City Passions

See Your Own Light

January 15, 2016
Adaeze (24)

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to team up with Cydni of and have a photoshoot session with her long time photographer friend Marc. While I was super stoked to have a photoshoot, I couldn’t help but to begin to get self-conscious and worry about how I would look in front of the camera. This actually is nothing new as I’ve always frozen up and worried about little things such as my “circular face” or “lack of cheekbones” but on…

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It's All Just Business

Grow From Start Up To Profit

January 7, 2016
start up to profit

When people dream of creating a business, they often believe they can make money from day one. You risk thousands of dollars just to get a minimal experience and return and only end up frustrated with the whole mess. This is a depressing cycle that I personally have seen many entrepreneurs face. I too have felt this cycle, especially with my natural hair products company. At that point, you should just table your idea and re-evaluate it later. However, there…

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